Realize happiness of physical and emotional for contributing to developments of the world by creating the platform of mutual helps.



The worldwide cryptocurrency market has shown continuous growth and spread, and with this an increase in business initiatives using blockchain technology. These trends are expected to grow even further in the future. Our company is working to achieve our corporate philosophy of “contributing to worldwide development and making physical and mental happiness a reality through creating places of mutual aid”, with our business goals of developing and investing in business centered on blockchain technology, as well as consulting on business related to cryptocurrency and ICO or businesses.


Business Development
In supporting business development, OK finc will act as catalyst to create new business using the OKWave Group’s organic network cultivated with major corporations and attractive venture companies, and plant the seeds of technology and business ideas to help create an actual business.
We actively invest in companies related to cryptocurrency, venture companies working to create new value through innovative ideas, and blockchain companies at home and abroad we believe will have synergy with the OKWave Group. We will achieve intermittent growth through strong financial and business alliances with our investees and work to create new services and industries that contribute to the prosperity of future generations.
Blockchain Research and Development
In blockchain research and development, we play a central role in the field of financial technology with interbank payment systems, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency exchange systems, as well as develop systems using blockchain technology expected to develop for a variety of fields and research practical applications aimed at solving a variety of social issues.
In consulting, we procure funds needed to advance business in a variety of fields related to cryptocurrency as well as provide various forms of business support related to this, centered on the synergy between the services on Wowoo Platform, run by investee Wowoo Pte. Ltd., and the knowledge cultivated by the OKWave Group over the years.


Company Name
OKfinc LTD.
Kensington Gardens No. U1317, Lot7616,
Jalan Jumidar Buyong,
87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia
Michio Fukuda
Business related to cryptocurrency
October 2017
3.6 million ringgits
Shareholder Composition
OKWave: 100%